Thank you for contacting The Urban Paw!

Prior to our in-person Initial Consultation, please follow the instructions below and have these 3 things done and ready.

1. Read, sign, and email back this PDF document after being either digitally signed or scanned.

2. Fill out the online form to the right  

  • For dog walking clients, please fill all information, even if it seems that it is only applied for pet sitting. 

If you own more than one pet, please fill out the information for each extra pet on the "Additional Pets" form to the right. 

3. For clients requesting dog walking, make sure to have 2 sets of keys ready and already tested. For clients requesting pet sitting, make sure to have 1 set of keys ready and already tested. 


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or I can answer questions when we meet.  Thank you again for contacting The Urban Paw and we look forward to meeting you and your fur-kid(s)!